New York I – Polymer Photogravure

The f295 Symposium in Pittsburgh is over and I’m back in Minneapolis after one of the best symposiums I think I’ve attended in a long time.

The event was well organised and honestly, I’d be happy with a fraction of the energy that Tom Persinger, the organiser, displayed while I was there. Tom’s a great guy, very personable and on the ball at all times. How can you not like him and his humour?

I went in having never really used (nor, I think, appreciated) the pinhole camera, but I’m now a convert. And the creativity and open mindedness that was exhibited by all the attendees was incredible – I even ordered a Diana camera that’s on it’s way via UPS as I speak.

Along with the symposium there’s an exhibition that’s up until July 5th at the 707 Penn Gallery that’s showing the work of the speakers from this year and last year. I have three photogravures in the show; two from a series shot in New York and another titled The Third Bridge.

Tom and Jesseca Ferguson, one of the speakers, are both showing work at the Silver Eye Center for Photography, a beautiful gallery. Thanks to Linda Benedict-Jones, the Executive Director there, for making us feel so welcome.

So, my thanks to Tom and everyone, new acquaintances and old, that I met in Pittsburgh and who made it so much fun.