Over the years FlakPhoto has done an amazing job at promoting the work of photographers, whether known or unknown, emerging or established and from all around the world. Now Andy‘s put together a new project – FlakPhoto Digest. Sign up and each week you’ll get a well-crafted newsletter drop into your InBox at the weekend.

For the past ten years I’ve been supporting imagemakers and their work using digital media. I’m excited to announce a new project that will build on and expand upon those efforts. It’s called FlakPhoto Digest: a weekly email newsletter focused on photography + visual culture recommendations carefully curated from across the Web.


The Digest is a weekend reader: something you can spend time with when the work week slows down — an opportunity to sit back and relax with a handful of photo/arts links on your mobile or tablet. Email arrives on Saturdays so you can enjoy over a hot cup of coffee (or tea) when you have a moment by yourself. It’s the perfect thing for a lazy Sunday morning.


— Andy Adams

For the past few months I’ve been one of the lucky few receiving the FlakPhoto Digest each week while it was in closed beta, but now it’s close to being opened up to the public. For me, this is the perfect way to discover new photographers as Andy’s doing all the hard work and research! And it’s not just about showcasing photographers. It includes photo news, opportunities and calls for work. To give you an idea, FlakPhoto Digest #11, from May 2015, can be found here.

More information and the signup form can be found on the FlakPhoto website.