DM 6668b


I’m very pleased to say that the Minneapolis Institute of Arts has acquired a copy of my DARK MATTER portfolio and a big thank you must go to David Little, the Curator of Photography and New Media at the MIA. This work was originally created as part of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts/Jerome Foundation Mentorship programme.


Consisting of twenty images printed in photogravure and with letterpress printed title page, artist statement, colophon and image index, DARK MATTER is a conceptual investigation of the visual phenomenon of shadows inside the CDMS II lab and in the forest around the site. Since scientists don’t know what it is exactly, or if it even exists, these photographs imagine what this mysterious substance might look like if it were visible.


Read more about the project and the edition, and view all images here.


In addition to the portfolio, individual images are available as hand-printed platinum-palladium prints. Email me for more details.