Otherworld, my current work in progress, uses photographs taken in the upper Midwest to render possible models of the Earth-like planets currently being sought by NASA’s Kepler mission, and it also references the mythologies of many cultures that establish a land that is home to spiritual beings or the dead. These mythical other worlds of hope or doom often share characteristics with our familiar earthly landscapes, and I am using photographs of real places to suggest realms that may or may not exist. These images use barren terrains to suggest the earthlike landscapes photographed by rovers and other missions in space. As an immigrant, the landscapes of the upper Midwest continue to surprise me. This adds a personal layer to my depictions of territories that appear familiar yet remain unknowable.


Otherworld is informed by an earlier project, DARK MATTER, which I made in conjunction with the Jerome Foundation and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts.  Where DARK MATTER focused on a specific site, Otherworld will be more of a fanciful musing on our curiosity. We send missions deep into space to search for evidence of other possible worlds, and we create mythological homes for our gods and our dead. How can I depict the geography of our desire? I use this world to create models of others, exploiting the dark tones to create barriers for understanding, always holding something back.


More information and images can be found here.


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New Polymergravure Edition


This edition is of an image I made near the Saguaro National Park, AZ, just before an amazing monsoon storm rolled in and the roads flooded.


The temperature that day had been around 100ºF and humid and the Park Rangers weren’t allowing anyone in who didn’t have water with them. The couple before me had to turn around because they were refused entry. I’m used to the heat and humidity, living in Minnesota, but this was wild, especially since I was halfway up a long trail when I started to see the lightning in the distance. I managed to get back down and to the car just as the wind picked up.


Frame not included



This edition is hand printed on Hahnemühle Copperplate Etching using Charbonnel inks. All prints are numbered, titled, dated and signed on the reverse, and signed and numbered on the front.


I’m offering this edition at an introductory price of $195, but that will increase to $225 on June 10th.


Payment is handled securely by Shopify and allows you the choice of paying either with a credit card or a PayPal account. All prints will be packed securely and shipped within 1-2 days via USPS Priority Mail.


Prints are unmatted and unframed.


TitleDust Storm, near Saguaro National Park, Arizona
Medium: Hand-pulled polymergravure print
Dimensions: 4.5″ x 10″ image
Paper: 11″ x 14″ Hahnemühle paper
Edition: 10 (plus proofs)
Introductory Price: $195 (plus sales tax for MN residents) until June 10th
Shipping: $9 within the US



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Obscura Gallery


Just a reminder that Obscura Gallery is still offering two of my images at an introductory price, but only until they move into the newly renovated building later this summer. As well as a price discount, shipping is complimentary and includes a copy of my limited edition artist book The Dying of the Light — Twelve Instagram Photographs.


This book sold out fast when I released it recently, but I reserved several copies for the gallery. Click here to go to Obscura Gallery’s website for more information and to purchase prints.