Over the past few years I’ve become increasingly used to taking photos with my iPhone and processing them with one of the many apps available – I’ve tried them all. I love the look and feel of the images but I haven’t been sure of where they fit within my website. I could easily set up a gallery page to display them but that would mean transferring the images to my computer, writing code for the relevant pages and uploading both. And then repeating that when I had new images…

What I wanted was the ability to post easily from my iPhone or iPad wherever I happened to be and on a regular basis and to have a photostream-style page, like Flickr, where the images are automatically updated. This isn’t difficult as there are plenty of plugins that will mirror a Flickr feed, but most are designed to be a widget in the sidebar, not what I wanted. But I really needed to style it my own way.

Posting via the WordPress app to my weblog was an easy option, but that still meant inserting images into a post before uploading. And then the images would be in a post form and separated by date, whereas I wanted to see a stream of thumbnails on one page.

So, with the help of a few WordPress plugins, some personalized stylesheets and some code-tinkering, I think I’ve achieved pretty much what I wanted.

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