Last Monday evening I set up the linoleum block on the Vandercook to proof and print the edition. Placing the furniture prior to locking up was more of a Rubik’s cube than I imagined, although it’s not rocket science. It’s similar to one of those puzzles where one tile is missing and you have to move the remaining tiles up, down and sideways to get the numbered pieces in order.

I decided to choose a warm grey for the image colour, but it didn’t give me the depth of ink I was looking for, so I ran the press in trip a couple of times to deposit more ink on the the plate. But by the time I was happy with the ink density the image had become more of a black. Live and learn.

Like most things, it’s all about preparation. Once everything had been locked up, the roller height checked, ink chosen, the image correctly positioned on the paper and the proofs made, the actual printing of the edition took no time at all. Next week, with the image now printed, I’ll make a start on proofing and printing the type.

I’ve already signed up for the Letterpress II course in March.