From Jörg M. Colberg‘s article in Conscientious magazine — “Why does it always have to be about something?” 

Every day, I’m being bombarded with a flurry of pedestrian pictures, grouped in projects that are “about” this or that. These days, photographs always have to be “about” something. Pictures can never be merely pictures.


Make no mistake, a group of pictures will have to add up to something. A group of random pictures that doesn’t add up to anything is just that, a group of random pictures. And I’m not more interested in that than in the pedestrian projects… The history of photography is filled with practitioners operating along the line of groups of single pictures.

I’m not one of those photographers who needs to be working with specific projects all the time; I’m at my happiest carrying a camera around and making photographs wherever I end up. At some point they start making sense together, as a group.