Death Valley Pano 01.jpg
Death Valley, 2010

So, 2010 has developed into interesting year already. At the end of 2009 I didn’t have much planned either in the form of group or solo shows, no trips to look forward to and the personal projects I had planned to work on had slightly stumbled for a variety of reasons. Yet now, less than three weeks into the year, I’ve been to Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, I’m scheduled to show work alongside Osama Esid at IFP Center for Media Arts in St. Paul, which will open in March, I’ve been invited to write a piece for Tom Persinger‘s new book to be published by f295 and there’s the prospect of some very interesting work from a great client that I worked with last year.

I’ve been scanning a lot of film lately, some of which is for the show and some that I’ve had sitting around waiting for the right time to work on, for far too long. I’ve always felt that an image isn’t finished until I have a print in my hands that I’m happy with, but because I often can’t find blocks of time large enough to complete the process, I usually get as far as editing and then it all falls apart and gets put on hold because of everything else that just happens, deadlines for clients, family commitments etc. The result is, a lot of work that I feel strongly about just doesn’t get finished and that translates to frustration on my part.

So for now, my New Year’s resolution (once again) is to concentrate on my personal work a little more and to try and get past that editing stage…

And finally, Beth has a new weblog that she’s just started over at Indirect Objects, so go, take a look at that.