This iOS app from F295certainly sounds as if it could be the one. The estimated date of availability in the App store is May 15th.

Cameleon doesn’t want to be your novelty, toy camera app of the week, but is looking for a serious long term relationship. It doesn’t rely on kitsch filters or novelty toy lenses, film packs, or in-app purchases, but instead gives you an almost infinite amount of control over the picture’s most important parameters. We realize that one app can’t nor should do it all, so we concentrated on the important things:

1. #getitincamera Get the shot you want, with your distinct look, the first time, and eliminate nearly all routine post processing.

2. #nopostprocessing As much as possible eliminate those time consuming same steps often repeated over and over to give an image series your signature look.

3. The Digital Safety Net The ability to make a picture and change it as often as you want without losing data. For example, let’s say you snap it with your own tweaked and highly customized black and white, high contrast look, but later you think golly! I wish I would have made this in super saturated color! No problem! Go into the Cameleon editor and dial it up! Done! No more sacrificing.

4. #Onward The power is in your hands! Moving beyond toy lenses, film packs, and predefined unchangeable parameters.

5. Fast Cameleon is lightening fast. No delay or lag at start-up that causes you to miss the shot.

6. No in-App advertising We hate it, and suspect you do too.

7. No tracking of your information We don’t care where you were, where your going, or who your with. We only care about giving you the tools to make awesome photographs. Cameleon doesn’t harvest any of your personal data.