Redesigned my photo website.
Redesigned my online store.
Wrote and submitted an application to a residency programme.
Printed, packed and shipped many #photographersupportpledge prints to the US and Europe.
Bought work from other artists/photographers from New York to Japan.
Printed and shipped prints for a very special print exchange.
Ordered a new cold light head for my enlarger.
Made small still-lives at home.
Processed many rolls of medium format film.
Made many silver prints from the resulting negs.
Ordered more than enough film.
Ordered more than enough silver paper.
Ordered more than enough dry chemicals.
Started making my own developers once again because my preferred developer became unavailable.
Caught up with several movies I’d been planning on watching.
Binge watched several Scandi-noir tv series.
Replaced the switch, eventually, on my film drying cabinet (if this one lasts another 40 years, I’ll be 100).
Had plenty of FaceTime calls with old friends back in the UK.
Had socially distanced coffee mornings with a friend.
Worked on the garden.
Worked in the patio.
Had many clients ask “Is that a bird?” during phone conversations.
Worked on a couple of digital jobs for clients.
Started building a new website for a job.
Learned to play the piano.
Learned to play the guitar.
Made many batches of fresh lime cordial.
Made even more gin gimlets with it.
Put gas in the car only once in over 3 months.
Became a news junkie, especially during the rioting in Minneapolis.
Went to sleep (or woke up) every morning at 3am.
Didn’t set an alarm to wake up to for over 12 weeks.