I’ve been putting together model books with signatures of different papers to get an idea of the feel and weight of paper I’ll be using. I’m thinking that the size will be 11″ high x 11.75″ wide. This proportion works well with my square images. Four signatures, three folios each. That’s going to give me enough pages for about twenty images plus credits etc.

The paper, assuming it will work well with photogravure and give me the look I’m after, will be Somerset Book, heavyweight and in pure white. I toyed with printing it on a paper that I love for photogravure, Hahnemühle Copperplate, but it was just too thick. It looked lovely, but the pages had little flexibility to them, which was to be expected. I didn’t dislike it but when compared next to the Somerset Book, which has a lovely weight yet turns easily, the Somerset won easily.