I couldn’t agree with these words from Andy Adams more. However, for me, I don’t feel an image is usually finished until I’ve made a print of it. Even with those images that exist solely on my website, perhaps taken with my iPhone as a record, I still feel the need to see them on paper because the tactility of the paper surface can change the entire experience.

I’ve been thinking about prints a lot lately – and how vital they are for we who love #photography. The Web is great but print LASTS. That’s going to be important for future historians who will likely grapple with all kinds of issues stemming from our early 21st century internet/photo culture.


This may be my most prized #photographic possession – a gift from the supremely talented photographer Keith Taylor. I enjoy it every day. It’s wonderful.


One of the reasons we’re doing the #FlakPhoto Midwest Print Show is to celebrate the tradition of #photo print-making and the joys of looking at analog pictures in person. The FMPS features 40+ Midwest photographers and opens September 26 in Madison, Wisconsin – I’ll announce our contributors this week. If you’re in the region I hope you’ll make the trip. More soon!

* Attributed to Irving Penn.