Back in Minneapolis after another (all too quick) trip to Florence and a week of good eating. And photography…

Villa Le Piazolle was incredible. High in the hills above Florence yet near enough to be able to walk into town, although the return journey usually involved a taxi ride, especially after lunch or dinner.

My room had windows facing in three different directions and the image above was shot from one of these. According to the website its ancient purpose was to let the occupant control the property on three sides, as well as the work that was being carried out on the estate.

The flight back was uneventful, from the taxi being there at 5am to making the connection in Amsterdam. But special thanks must go to the steward on the Northwest Airlines flight who, because I had briefly fallen asleep, chose to decide for me that I didn’t want a main meal. When I requested one from him on his way back to the galley I was told that “we’ve stopped serving”. OK, I’ll just have to make sure I’m awake for the snack later. Which I wasn’t. Again, he knew better, but at least I had my stash of Clif bars.


I’m thinking that he did me a favour though, because on the last three international flights I’ve taken with NWA this year I’ve been sick afterwards. This time, aside from having a craving for a mixed bean salad (?) I couldn’t have felt better.

So, when I next fly NWA and The Replacements‘ song Waitress in the Sky is playing on my iPod, I’ll be able to put a face to the lyrics.