Recently I discovered ‘A Small Voice‘, a wonderful podcast of photographers interviewed by Ben Smith. I’m a little late to the party when it comes to podcasts and I usually listen to BBC Radio or Spotify in the studio and the car. Ben’s from London, lives close to my part of the city and has that London-ness that is hard to describe but is what I miss so much. He’s also interviewed a few photographers that I used to know and print for back in the 1980s and 90s.

This blog never really went away or stopped, but it seems that plenty of others are springing back to life once again all over the place. I’ve always felt uncomfortable posting images and thoughts, however random or inconsequential, elsewhere and so I really don’t have much of a Facebook or Twitter presence any more. A story by Signal v Noise, which I wrote about a while back, summed it up nicely here.

Traditional blogs might have swung out of favor, as we all discovered the benefits of social media and aggregating platforms, but we think they’re about to swing back in style, as we all discover the real costs and problems brought by such centralization.

Ironically, as I write this, Instagram and Facebook (and many others) are down.