I’ve updated my website to make it a little more practical from my end, making it (hopefully) easier to update galleries and put up new work. We’ll see about that last bit…

The main change is that I’ve lost the sidebars. I loved the layout but it proved to be a problem because large amounts of text always looked awkward in a thin column. It also made the maximum size an image could be displayed way too small because of its fixed width design. By eliminating the sidebars the overall look is cleaner, especially on an iPad or iPhone* but I can easily implement them on individual pages if I need to.

And the number of photographers websites that still rely on Flash always surprises me. I’m not a web designer but I do realise the importance and need for a site that will work well on a desktop machine, a laptop and an iPad. The last one is the deal breaker for me. If it doesn’t work or look good on an iPad, then I won’t use it.

If you’re a photographer, prefer your work displayed as slideshows and have a self-hosted WordPress website then you should really look into Made by Raygun‘s Portfolio Slideshow Pro and Portfolio Framework plugins. Easy to use and well worth the small amount they cost.

*You shouldn’t be looking at a website of photographs on an iPhone. Really.